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Our Latest SFT Student Achievements

It has been another successful few months for our Sydney Flight Training students, of whom we are all inordinately proud. Whether it is a first solo, PPL or flight instructor rating, we are delighted in equal measure. Congratulations to all of those who have achieved their milestones.

Sam - Recreational Pilot Licence

SFT Student Sam sitting on VH-FKN after his RPL flight test

Huge congratulations to Sam on passing his RPL Flight Test. Sam had lovely weather conditions with clear skies and minimal wind or turbulence. We wish Sam all the best in his future aviation endeavours.

Seton – Private Pilot Licence

SFT Student Seton in fron of Warrior VH-FKN after his PPL Flight test

Our heartfelt congratulations to Seton, who passed his PPL Flight Test. Seton flew Northbound along the Richmond VFR route to Somersby, returning to Bankstown via the Lane of Entry and training area. Seton had lovely CAVOK conditions, and we look forward to seeing his progress into Command Building and CPL theory examinations.

Alex Lei - Recreational Pilot Licence

SFT Student Alex in front of Warrior VH-FKN after his RPL flight test

Well done to Alex Lei who recently passed his Recreational Pilot’s Licence. Alex had smooth flying conditions with scattered clouds and great visibility. We look forward to taking Alex through his PPL training.

Brady - First Solo

SFT Student Brady in front of VH-NFR after flying his first solo

Congratulations to Brady who recently achieved his first solo. Brady battled crosswinds for his initial circuit sessions but had beautiful conditions on the day and managed to achieve his solo in under 11 hours! Well done, Brady!

Darren - Commercial Pilot Licence

SFT Student Darren in fron of Cessna VH-JKE after his CPL flight test

Congratulations to Darren on recently obtaining his Commercial Pilot Licence, a fantastic achievement! We wish him all the best in his future aviation endeavours and look forward to seeing his progress in years to come

Hugh - Flight Instructor Rating

SFT Student Hugh in fron of Wasrrior VH-JDC after completing his Instructor Rating

Congratulations to Hugh on recently passing his Flight Instructor Rating! Hugh is now eligible to start working as a Grade 3 Flight Instructor, kick starting his aviation career. Well done, Hugh! We look forward to seeing your progress over the coming years.

Lisa - Instrument Proficiency Check

SFT Student Lisa after completing her IPC check next to Piper Seminole VH-PIE

Congratulations to Lisa who recently completed her IPC with us. Lisa came back to flying after a ten-year hiatus, spending hours in the SIM re-learning instrument procedures before jumping into our Seminole PIE to put it all into practice. We wish Lisa the best of luck in her future career endeavours and look forward to seeing her progress into a Second or First Officer role!

If you are interested in starting, furthering or re-establishing your aviation journey, please take some time to browse our courses page. Alternatively, contact us directly and chat to one of our experienced SFT Instructors.


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