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Instrument Rating -

An Instrument Rating (IR) or Private Instrument Rating (PIFR) allows a pilot to fly an aircraft in cloud or reduced visibility. Sydney Flight Training has developed a detailed training program to guide you through this challenging and rewarding qualification.


With the ability to fly in a wider varitey of conditions, flight planning becomes less stressful knowing that you’ll be able to reach your destination, despite that layer of broken cloud at 1,000 feet!


Why choose Sydney Flight Training for my Instrument Rating?

For those seeking a career in airline or charter operations, a full Instrument Rating with a Multi-Engine Endorsement is a ‘must have’ qualification. SFT has an experienced and committed team, determined to assist you in becoming the ‘candidate to be hired.’


Our experienced and friendly team of instructors will guide you to becoming a true professional. We pride ourselves on our teams diverse skill sets, and our approach to the safety and education of our students.

Those not seeking professional qualifications may wish to undertake the Private Instrument Rating (PIFR) at lower hours and cost. Enquire with our staff.

For more detailed information including costs and requirements, download the Sydney Flight Training Instrument Rating Brochure.

Course Outline

Single-Engine Course:

  • 23.0 hours dual flying including 22.3 hours IF.

  • 23.0 hours in the Flight

  • Simulation Training Device including 18.5 hours simulated IF.

  • Theory Briefings

  • Pre-flight Briefings

  • Flight Test

Multi-Engine Course:

  • Same flight hours as above flown in a multi-engine flight aeroplane.

For further information on Ratings & Endorsements head to the CASA website.

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