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Flight Simulator Training Device (FSTD)

At Sydney Flight Training, we have CASA approval to offer both Instrument Rating (IR) and Private IFR (PIFR) training.


As part of our approval, we have a CASA approved Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) that has been designed by world class ELITE Simulation products.




The ELITE offers you the ability to conduct the following CASA syllabus hours in the simulator.

  • 20 hours – Instrument Rating

  • 10 Hours – Private Instrument Rating (PIFR)

  • 5 hours – Commercial Pilot License

  • 2 Hours – Night VFR rating

  • 1 hour – Private Pilot License

  • All IFR Recency & Proficiency Requirements (Flight time & Approaches)

Elite Simulators are a world class procedural trainer with a force feedback loading system on the control yoke that reacts to airflow, very similar to a real-life aircraft! Equipped with a Garmin 750, Automatic Direction Finder, VOR/ILS receivers and Marker Beacon receivers, this advanced trainer provides an excellent interactive training experience.


We also offer two Generic Task Trainers -

One SIM is set up as a Cirrus SR20 Perspective Trainer with a Garmin G1000 panel and Cirrus FMS.


The other SIM is a Cessna 172 with two Garmin G5 glass flight displays and dual Garmin 530/430 Nav/Comms. This is the most common setup in our aircraft.


These devices can be used to achieve competency and familiarity with their operation and also with their respective navigation systems at a fraction of the cost of a real aircraft.

For more information on FSTD training please get in touch.

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