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Changing Flying Schools

Finding the right flying school and instructor is one of the most important elements in your flight training. Every student pilot is different, and you should be getting maximum value for the money you spend on flight training.

So what happens if you don’t feel comfortable with your current instructor? The first thing is to talk to your school about flying with a different instructor. Sometimes it can just be a clash of personalities. If that doesn’t work, then perhaps it is time to look at changing flying schools.


Do what is best for you!

Changing flying schools is not uncommon, although it can feel uncomfortable. You might be surprised at how easy it is, as you don’t need to go in and tell your old school that you are changing, you can just start the process at your new school. Your new school will contact your old school to get a copy of your training records so that they can check on your progress to date. In most cases you can then pick up your training from exactly where you were if it is the same or a similar aircraft.

So what makes a good flying school? Somewhere that you feel welcome, and the instructors are friendly but professional. Find an instructor who wants what is best for you, and talk to them about your own individual goals as a pilot.

Here at Sydney Flight Training we have instructors with various backgrounds, from charter to airline pilots. Our team provides itself on being professional but also having a fun environment, where students learn in a relaxed environment at their own pace and on their own schedule.


If you’d like to talk about changing schools, get in touch with us today.

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