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Flight Instructor Rating  - FIR

Teaching people to fly is one of the most exciting and rewarding experiences you can have as a pilot.


If you have a love of sharing your passion and knowledge of flying with others, then the SFT Flight Instructor Rating (FIR) will provide you with the qualification that will allow you to be employed as a Professional Flight Instructor.

This course can be facilitated in a group setting or tailored for an individual pilot with options available for both full-time or part-time learning.


Why choose Sydney Flight Training for my FIR training?

Our experienced and friendly team of instructors will guide you through the necessary theory and practical elements of the Instructor Rating course. We pride ourselves on our own instructors diverse skill sets, approach to safety and education of all our students.


The SFT team are dedicated to helping our students succeed. We will invest the time needed to ensure that you complete your course with all the skills required for the training of new pilots.

For more detailed information including costs and requirements, download the Sydney Flight Training FIR Brochure.

Course Outline

This outline assumes that a CPL licence has previously been achieved.


  • 38 hours dual flying

  • 25 hours ground school – Principle and Methods of Instruction (PMI)

  • 80 hours ground school – Legislation and Instruments, Aerodynamics and Aviation General knowledge and briefing instruction and practice.

  • Pre-flight and Post-flight briefings

  • CASA PIRC Examination

  • FIR Flight Test

For CASA information on the Flight Instructor Rating, head to the CASA website.

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