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Cirrus Specialised Training

Sydney Flight Training is fortunate to have a G3 Cirrus SR20 GTS to use for specialised Cirrus training. Our Head of Operations has over 1,200 hours instructional time on Cirrus aircraft.


The Cirrus is air conditioned, and has 12” dual Garmin Perspective screens, and has the GFC700 autopilot which greatly reduces pilot workload in IMC. With a cruising TAS of 130kts, this aircraft will allow you to travel faster across the vast terrain of Australia, and do so in total comfort.


Why choose Sydney Flight Training for my Cirrus conversion?

At Sydney Flight Training, we’ll teach you to fly this advanced aircraft to a very high personal standard. Our Cirrus conversion course will give you the ability and confidence to enjoy flying this amazing aeroplane.


Our experienced and friendly team of instructors will guide you to becoming a true professional. We pride ourselves on our teams diverse skill sets, and our approach to the safety and education of our students.

For more detailed information including costs and requirements, download the Sydney Flight Training Cirrus Conversion Brochure.

Course Outline

This course includes a minimum flight time of 5 hours flight time and is competency based.

  • 5.0 hours of dual flying.

  • Time in the SR20/SR22 Garmin Perspective Computer Task Trainer.

  • Theory Briefings – Speacialised Cirrus Systems Training.

  • Pre-Flight Briefings.

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