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Private Pilot Licence - PPL(A)

The Private Pilot Licence (PPL) is your chance to fly across vast distances and discover the charms of cities, regional towns and landmarks that can be found all over Australia. In this course you will learn how to navigate over long distances, and the correct procedures for operating at a variety of different airport types.

Our experienced and friendly team of instructors will guide you to becoming a true professional. We pride ourselves on our teams diverse skill sets, and our approach to the safety and education of our students.

SFT-scenic-coastal view from Cessna

What can I do with a Private Pilot Licence?

The PPL licence allows the pilot to train and qualify on more advanced aircraft types (such as a multi-engined aeroplane), and train to undertake more advanced flying activities (such as flying at night or obtaining an Instrument Rating).


For those wishing to pursue a career in aviation, the PPL provides the opportunity to build the Command Cross Country hours necessary for obtaining a Commercial Pilot Licence

This course can be done at your own pace - from full time to one day a week. Our instructors can tailor a personalised program that gives you maximum value for money and an enjoyable learning experience balancing both theory and practical elements.

For more detailed information including costs and requirements, download the Sydney Flight Training PPL Brochure.

Course Outline

This outline assumes that a good RPL standard has previously been achieved.

  • 18.3 hours dual flying, including 18.3 hours cross country & 1.2 hours instrument.

  • 5.5 hours solo flying, including 5.5 cross country time.

  • CASA PPL(A) Theory Exam

  • Theory Briefings

  • Pre-Flight Briefings

  • PPL(A) Flight Test

For CASA information on the PPL Licence, head to the CASA website.

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