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Rusty Pilot Course

Are you a Rusty Pilot?


Have you not flown in a while and want to get back in the air?

Whether you haven’t flown for a few months or a few years, Sydney Flight Training can help out.


One of our friendly flight instructors will arrange a tailor-made course for you to start flying again.

SFT-instructor and pilot on final

If you don’t already hold a licence -

An instructor will look at your logbook and conduct a training flight to see what you remember in order to resume training as close as safely possible to where you left off.


If you previously held a licence -

An instructor will assist in preparing your paperwork to a Part 61 licence if required, and discuss new rules and regulations that may have changed since you last flew. A flight review will most likely be required, and this may be several lessons to ensure that you can handle procedures and the aeroplane. After completing the flight review, you will be able to again exercise the privileges on your licence which you previously held.


Sounds good! What now?

In order to get started, the best thing you can do is book in some time with one of our friendly instructors to create a personalised plan for your flying. Sydney Flight Training operates 7 days a week allowing you to create your own flying schedule.

Head to our Useful Links page for information on Medical Certificates, flying into Bankstown Airport and more.

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