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We welcome some New Faces to SFT

The Spring has brought with it a few changes at Sydney Flight Training. Discover all the latest news right here.

New instructors at Sydney Flight Training
Meet Kayla and Rebecca, two of SFT's newest instructors

In the past few weeks we have seen a few personnel changes at SFT, welcoming Kayla Bentley and Aaron Staas as our two new full-time staff members, plus Rebecca Earls, our new part-time staff member. Kayla, Aaron and Rebecca are all qualified Grade 2 Flight Instructors and we are delighted to have them on board.

Kayla graduated from Basair Aviation College with a Diploma in Aviation - Commercial Pilot’s Licence, Multi-Engine Instrument Rating, and Instructor Rating. She enjoys sharing her aviation knowledge and helping others to achieve their goals and dreams whilst working towards a career in the Airlines.

Aaron also graduated from Basair Aviation College with a Diploma in Aviation. An accomplished photographer in his spare time, he enjoys helping students bring their aviation dreams to fruition while working towards a future career in the Airlines.

Rebecca started flying when she was just 15 years old and has since graduated with a Diploma of Aviation and Commercial Pilots Licence, with Multi Engine class Rating and Instrument Rating. Rebecca is also an Aviation Theory Teacher and an Aviation English Language Proficiency Assessor (AELP). She loves seeing students hit their milestones and graduate and works closely with Western Sydney Women in Aviation to mentor and guide budding pilots.

We also say farewell and good luck to Ben who has left to join the Rex Aviation Team, Rashiqa who is moving to working on Sundays only as she pursues a career with Qantas and Wes Brown who has dropped back to weekend only work.


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