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103 Years Young, the Royal Aero Club of New South Wales is Looking to the Future

SFT Team at the birthday celebrations for the ROyal Aero Club of NSW
The SFT Team donned their Great Gatsby inspired gladrags to celebrate the 103rd birthday in style.

Friday 10th November saw the 103rd birthday celebration of the Royal Aero Club of New South Wales. An appropriately 1920s themed night was attended by many supporters of the club, both past and present – all with the shared desire to celebrate this historic club. With a letter of support from the Prince of Wales and video message from the NSW Premier, this event marks a turning point in the club’s journey.

A Piece of Australian Aviation History

Steeped in history and tradition, the Royal Aero Club of New South Wales was founded in 1920 by former aviators of the Australian Flying Corps, returning home from the Great War. What began with the aim of increasing interest in flying throughout the Commonwealth through air displays and competitions was, by 1939, supporting the war effort with initial training for pilots and ground crew.

Back in an entirely peacetime role, by 1949 and based out of Bankstown, they had established themselves as one of the largest flying clubs in the Commonwealth. These evolutions saw the club move from a fleet of just three De Havilland Moths in 1926, through to a larger fleet of Piper Tomahawks and Cherokees by the 1970s.

New Beginnings with the 2024 Flight Training Camp

After a recent hiatus, the Royal Aero Club of New South Wales has been re-established once more as a volunteer-run, not-for-profit flight training organisation. In association with Sydney Flight Training, their very first flight training camp will be held at the beginning of 2024.

From flight instructors through to recreation and admin staff, the camp is run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. If you have the skills and experience to contribute, would like to become a member or just wish to learn more about the club’s history, more information can be found on the website.

Embracing both their heritage and future, the Royal Aero Club of New South Wales hopes to ‘shape the next generation of pilots, leaders, and aviators’. SFT is proud to both support and share this exciting new chapter for the club.


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