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Recent Achievements at SFT

Sydney Flight Training students and instructors have enjoyed a high achieving end to 2023 and successful start to 2024. Milestones have been reached and hard work and dedication recognised. Whether furthering an established career, a return to flying or taking that first step on an aviation journey, congratulations are deserved all round.

Welcome back Richard!

SFT Grade 3 Instructor Richard Ure

Congratulations to Richard Ure on renewing his Grade 3 Instructor Rating and S&P. A valued member of the SFT team, Richard took a leave of absence over the last year due to personal circumstances. He received an early Christmas present by passing his Flight Instructor Proficiency Check and Standardisation and Proficiency check and returned to instructing in December. Richard is also an Air Traffic Controller, working at both Bankstown Tower and Sydney Centre and it’s great to hear his voice back on the tower and centre frequencies once more.

Kayla Bentley - Grade 1 Instructor Rating

SFT Grade 1 Instructor Kayla Bentley

A huge congratulations to our own Kayla Bentley for passing her Grade 1 Instructor Rating! Kayla has proven to be a much loved and valued team member, instructor, mentor, and pilot. We look forward to seeing Kayla continue to develop her skills as an instructor as she moves into this new role, and new approvals she is working towards achieving in 2024.

In order to become a Grade 1 Instructor, you must first hold a Grade 3 and Grade 2 Instructor Rating and obtain 500 hours Initial Flight Training (training students towards a Recreational Pilot’s Licence). Kayla’s flight test consisted of Aeronautical Knowledge oral questioning; 2 Long Briefings - Basic Instrument Flight, and a research brief on Threat and Error Management; a pre-flight briefing; and a 1.4-hour flight component. SFT is very proud.

Brady – Recreational Pilot Licence

SFT Student Brady after passing his RPL Flight Test

Congratulations to student Brady McWilliam who obtained his Recreational Pilot’s Licence with flying colours! We look forward to taking Brady through the next stage of his training towards his Private Pilot’s Licence. Well done from us!

Daniyal - Recreational Pilot Licence

SFT Student Daniyal after passing his RPL Flight Test

Congratulations to Daniyal on recently passing his Recreational Pilot Licence! Daniyal is now ready to continue his training towards his PPL and we very much look forward to sharing this journey with him. Well done!

If you are interested in starting or continuing your aviation journey, take some time to browse our courses page. Alternatively, contact us directly and chat to one of our experienced SFT Instructors.


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