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Catch up on our latest SFT Student Achievements

It has been another successful period for our SFT Students of whom we are all extremely proud. Congratulations to all of those who achieved their aviation milestones – may there be many more to come!

Daniel - First Solo

SFT Student Daniel in from of Piper Warrior VH-JDC after flying his first solo

A huge well done to Daniel on completing his First Solo, a fantastic achievement! Daniel worked hard to reach this important milestone and we wish him all the best as he makes further progress towards achieving his aviation dreams.

Jeroen - First Solo

SFT Student Jeroen standing next to Piper Cherokee VH-NFR

Congratulations to Jeroen who also achieved the very first and most important aviation milestone by completing his First Solo. Jeroen headed into the circuit early in the morning to beat the traffic, and was rewarded with calm conditions and his solo wings. We look forward to seeing his progress over the coming months.

Andrew - First Solo

SFT Student Andrew after his First S0lo flight in VH-JDC

Congratulations to Andrew Matthews who achieved his First Solo in April. Andrew was lucky enough to squeeze in his flight before a storm front and strong winds hit Bankstown Airport. We look forward to seeing Andrew progress through to achieving his RPL. Huge well done from all of us!

Declan - First Solo

SFT Student Declan after his First SOlo flight in VH-KKB

Congratulations to Declan who achieved his First Solo! Head of Operations, Peter Edwards and Declan had an early start for a 0700hrs departure to beat the Bankstown traffic and were met with great weather conditions. We look forward to seeing Declan’s progress through the remainder of his Recreational Pilot's Licence.

Andrew – Instrument Proficiency Check

Andrew Grove standing in front of VH-NFR in 2007 and now.
Andrew Grove in 2007 and 2024. NFR hasn't changed a bit!

Congratulations to Andrew Grove who passed his IPC in our Piper Seminole VH-PIE! When Andrew arrived at our school, he recognised a familiar aircraft on our flight line. Back in 2007, Andrew received a trial flight as a gift for his 8th Birthday, and that flight was conducted in NFR! When Andrew came for his IPC we took the opportunity to recreate the photo he had taken after his TIF all those years ago.

Connor - First Solo

SFT Student Connor after his First Solo in VH-IJD

A huge well done to Connor who achieved his First Solo flight! Connor handled the challenge of a very busy circuit well, with CAVOK skies and light and variable winds. We wish Connor good luck as he continues to progress and achieve his flying goals.


If you are interested in starting, furthering or re-establishing your aviation journey, please take some time to browse our courses page. Alternatively, contact us directly and chat to one of our experienced SFT Instructors.


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